Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun Fridays: The Many Applications of Kool Aid (Part III)

It's finally Friday and finally time for the final installment of The Many Applications of Kool Aid Part III. We've made lipgloss, we've made some super awesome playdough and now we are going to use Kool Aid to...........dye wool!

I first found this idea on the awesomeness that is craftgawker. There are many tutorials for dyeing wool with kool aid all over the web. It's pretty basic though. First unwind a ball of wool  (I used 100 percent cotton). Next, heat a cup of water in a saucepan. Add one packet of Kool Aid in your colour of choice (I went with Cherry). Take your ball of wool and put it in the pot, rolling it around so that it absorbs the colour. Leave the wool in for about five minutes then take it out and rinse under cool water.

To create a neat effect, repeat this process using another colour of Kool Aid ( I chose purple). After rinsing, squeeze excess water out of the wool and allow to dry for two to three days. Ta da! Your very own, completely unique hand dyed wool! What can't Kool Aid do? 

Love, Bean

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