Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Recent Projects....

    Here are a few things that have been keeping me off the streets as of late. The first project is a lunch bag I decided to whip up today. I have had this beautiful material for about six months and haven't done a thing with it. The problem is, I hate following directions and rules and, as such, have come to a bit of a roadblock with my sewing. Patterns are confusing! I much prefer to just kind of make it up. This means that my projects are a little simple and er "rustic" so far. My goal is to eventually follow a pattern and actually understand what they are talking about. 

    The second project is a cowl I knit using some sweet handspun-like yarn that resembles witch's hair. Can we talk about cowls for a minute? I love them! It's hard to tell in the pictures but this particular wool  has flecks of yellow, blue and red throughout. Yes, this is some bad-ass yarn. Again, with my distaste for following directions, I created my own pattern for this bad boy and simply knit the whole thing using absolutely gigantic needles (17 I think). It felt a little silly, but gave the cowl a really neat look. Eventually I will learn to read a pattern and I will know what all those crazy abbreviations stand for....but for now I'm making it up as I go along! 

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