Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In honor of some lovely, crafty ladies ...


    I think that everyone in the world can agree that Grandmas are the best. Right alongside Grandpas, Grandmas bring warmth to your heart and make you feel like a kid again.  A trip to Grandma’s house is like nothing else as a kid and, as an adult, much the same.  The hubs and I were lucky to have three very amazing, very crafty Grandmas who we loved very much.
                 My Grandma G was an amazing knitter, who could create beautiful sweaters and blankets without a pattern. She owned a wool store when I was a kid and some of my earliest memories are of shelves and shelves of brightly coloured yarn. Going up to Grandma and Grandpa’s house was the highlight of the summer - a time to laugh and chat and play and love and knit. My Grandma was left handed and, to this day, I still knit left-handed despite the fact that I am a righty.
                My Nana was also quite crafty. She sewed cabbage patch dolls and rabbits that could be found strategically placed throughout her home. The Nana I remember was always quick with a laugh and a joke. One of my most prevailing memories is her singing a slightly inappropriate song and laughing hysterically.
                The Hubs' Grandma R was also very lovely and very crafty. She sewed and quilted and created many bags and blankets for all that knew her.  Every time we visited, she would show me some of her new creations and we would admire one of the beautiful quilts that she had put so many hours of work into. Many times, I would leave with a beautiful new handmade bag. I now have quite the collection.
                Like my Grandma G, the hub’s Grandma R recently lost her fight with cancer. She was a very kind, gentle and giving woman who always thought of others before herself. We are sad that she has left us but find solace in the fact that, like my Grandmas, she is no longer suffering and has now found peace.
                Our memories of these lovely ladies are now kept close to our hearts. We will always cherish the time spent at Grandma’s with cousins and siblings -hours and hours spent chatting and laughing and playing and sharing stories. We also have the beautiful things that our crafty Grandmas have lovingly made, beautiful blankets and bags and sweaters that we will cherish forever. And when the time comes, we will pass these to our children with stories of the lovely and crafty women who created them. 


  1. Aaaww! This post is made of love and pretty memories. I'm sure these ladies would be delighted if they could read this. They left you gorgeous treasures.

  2. Oh! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in the 11 things meme in my blog. It's not obligatory though, it's just for fun. Will you participate?