Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Sunday...Spend It With The Ones You Love!

     Ahhhhh! It has been way to long since I have posted anything and I am really and truly sorry. Sometimes life just turns into a giant ball of craziness, where all you can do is sleep (little) eat (poorly) and try to make it through.

    Currently, I am trying to juggle about four different jobs, which is challenging but also kind of fun. Sometimes I have many hours a week; sometimes I have some spare time to myself. The problem is, as I open my eyes first thing in the morning, I often panic and scramble my brains trying to think where I need to be and what I need to do that day. A little more organization should solve this problem and lead to (hopefully) a more peaceful morning.

        As mentioned in my last post, the hubs lost his grandmother last week.  Adding to this sadness, his grandfather on the other side of his family also passed away a few days later. We spent last week with his family, honoring the lives of these good people. We both learned a lot about his grandfather – he was a leader, worked to bring nature and faith to his community, and loved little people. His life truly was an example for others.  

     The past week has really impressed upon me the importance of family and making time to spend with those you love. Often, we get so caught up in work and other duties that we forget to set aside a few hours or days to go visit. Weeks turn into months before you realize that you have not connected for so long. With family being spread throughout the province and the country, this is a tricky thing to accomplish but I intend to make a greater effort. Anyway, that’s all from me. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday wherever you are .....hopefully spending it with the ones you love. 

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