Monday, March 5, 2012

A New Sunday Ritual....

      Being organized – I love it! Nothing gets me more excited than seeing glossy pictures of perfectly organized closets and drawers with tiny compartments in magazines. At the risk of sounding really boring and singular, let me clarify and say that there are quite a few things that get me more excited, but organization is pretty awesome in my books.
     Unfortunately, I seem to not be so good at applying organization to my everyday life. I lose my bills, I can’t find a pair of matching socks to save my life, and I always end up throwing out food that has spoiled before we have had a chance to eat it.
       In an effort to become more organized, I’ve come up with a new Sunday ritual that should help the week run a little more smoothly. I work late almost every night this week, so I decided to prepare almost all our meals for the week ahead. Seriously, I have never cooked so much in my entire life! I chopped, stirred, baked, sautéed and, after three hours, I ended up with a  yummy three cheese eggplant bake, veggie chili, roasted sweet potato hummus (from Sarah B.’s blog My New Roots – check  it out!), Popeye smoothies (mango, banana and spinach) and dinner for the evening which was pork chops with toasted sesame winter slaw (also from Sarah’s blog.....I love her). After a quick clean of the house and taking out the garbage, I was ready for the week ahead!
P.S. - I added some sweet thrift store finds to my walls and baker's rack/bar. More on these later...

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