Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Crafty Adventure: DIY Reversible Yoga Mat

Well my friends, winter is finally over! The sun is out, birds are singing and everything is a-okay. In a spring- inspired bout of cleaning this past week, I decided to line the shelves in our pantry with some of that kitchen shelf liner stuff (does this stuff have a name?). I was pretty excited with the results and that got me thinking...hey man, this stuff is pretty neato. It almost feels like a ......yoga mat!

And thus, this project came into fruition.

This project is pretty easy-peasy. Warm up your glue gun, unroll one of the kitchen shelf liner things (seriously ....what do you call this stuff?) and lie it pattern side down. Next unroll the other shelf liner and place pattern side up. Do your best to line up the two shelf liners and start gluing. You can always cut any excess off (step three). Ta da! You have created your very own unique, reversible yoga mat for about 12 bucks!

Just a note: This is a pretty thin yoga mat. You may want to add extra layers for more cushioning. Also, it can be a little slippy. If you find you need more traction, you could always place the second layer pattern side up. It won't be as pretty though!

Love, Bean


  1. WOOOWW!! This is so creative! I'm trying it today! Thank you! =D

  2. i've been looking for this!! i have an unused thin mattress and now i know what to do with it. thanks!