Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Fridays: The Many Applications of Kool Aid (Part One)

     Did you know that you can do a lot of crazy things with Kool Aid? Besides imbibing this colorful, sugary concoction, you can use it in a whole host of different ways. Case in point: you can use lemon flavoured Kool Aid to clean your dishwasher and remove rust stains from concrete! For reals. If you don't believe me, click the link to investigate further. 
   Anyway, as part of Fun Fridays, I thought I would focus on a few of the different ways to (craftily) use Kool Aid. Today's focus: lip gloss. With nothing more than some petroleum jelly, hot water, and the Kool Aid flavour of your choice (I would suggest staying away from that tropical kind and lime but to each his or her own), you can create your very own lipgloss. I found a few different techniques on the interweb that seemed doable. You can check them out here and also here. 

        I will warn you that this is an extremely messy and gross process that may leave you with pink
 countertops and pink,sticky hands. I was actually mildly disgusted at some points.You have been warned. Stay tuned for Part Two of  The Many Applications of Kool Aid. As the Kool Aid Man would say: Oh YEAAAAAAHH!

Love, Bean

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