Sunday, April 8, 2012

Something Special Sunday : The Big Reveal

      Hello Friends and Happy Easter! After a few false starts, the knitted Easter tie is finally complete and just in time too! Initially, I was following a pattern that I had found online that used seed stitch, but I found I wasn't loving how the tie looked. I decided to simplify and used a simple garter stitch ( knit, knit, knit knit and knit some more). I started out by casting on 10 stitches and then decreased to 8 stitches by knitting two together on both ends. I used one of the hubs old ties to determine when to start decreasing. The result: a retro skinny knitted tie in Spring/Easter colours!
     I hope everyone is enjoying this sunny, long weekend. I've included a few pictures of how we spent part of our weekend. Can you guess where we went? Here's a hint: It's in Ontario, Canada.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my awesomest sister! Hope you have an amazing day and you enjoy the avocado pie I made for you :P!

Love, Bean

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