Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays: Dollar Store Decor

    I like to rearrange furniture in my spare time. Giving a room a new look and feel by simply moving a chair or bookshelf is way more fun (and cost effective) than buying new furniture or repainting. Maybe I have too much time on my hands.....hmmmm. Anyway, even though we haven't even been in our house a year, I decided to do a little switcheroo and move the bookshelf to the opposite wall beside the television. It worked! The only problem was that the previously perfectly centered letters that spelled the word HOME were no longer perfectly centered. Now I realize that this is not a big deal for most people, but the fact that it was unbalanced and weird looking drove me nuts! Time for a project.

             I first found this idea on craft gawker and thought it was genius! A small mirror, some paint and bbq skewers is all you need to create a really neat wall hanging. I was able to find all these supplies at the dollar store for under five dollars. I'll let you check out the website featuring this craft for all instructions and steps.

sunburst mirror handmade
DIY Sunburst Mirror from
 Just a note though, if you hate measuring, do as I did and just randomly glue them on and cut them smaller if need be. It looks almost as cool without the aggravation. 
In Progress


Finished Project

Ahhh.....much better!

Love, Bean

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